*Note from author: I will be writing in third party form, from now on.


Shenay and Shenandoah had been living together for the past month, but now that Shenandoah was taking on the 100 Baby Challenge, it was time for them to live in separate homes. Shenandoah found an affordable house right across the street from Shenay, so they wouldn’t be too far from each other.


Shenandoah took one look at her new home and could see that she would need to add a room and rearrange the living room, to be suitable for children, at least until she could afford more.




Shenandoah and Shenay worked until early morning to fix Shen’s new home up, then the sisters hugged goodbye, and Shenay walked across the street, to her home.



After a short nap, Shen took a trip to the library to use their computer. She set up a facebook page, asking for donors, to help her with her baby challenge. Once done there, she went to the grocery store, to stock up on groceries and get a few seeds. She wanted to raise some fresh fruits and veggies, for her upcoming children.



Got an email from Ephraim Bowers

Shen had planted her garden, and started fixing a salad, when she received a text from facebook, letting her know she had a response on her post. Ephraim Bowers was the man’s name, and he asked that they meet right away. She responded promptly, finished her salad, and headed out the door.


When she arrived at their meeting place, Shen noticed a man in a suit and red sneakers, and new that must have been Ephraim. He did say he would be wearing red shoes.


“Hi, I’m Ephraim, you must be Shenandoah! You are more beautiful in person!”.


“Thank you, you can call me Shen”, she responded. “Nice to meet you”.

“Can I get something to eat or drink, while we talk?”, asked Ephraim.

“No thank you, I just had a salad”.



Shen and Ephraim talked for an hour or so, getting to know each other just a little bit, before heading off to the hospital. Once the treatment was over, Shen told Ephraim thank you, letting him know that she would call him when the baby was born, then told him goodbye.


It wasn’t long before Shen was feeling the effects of pregnancy, at least she knew that the treatment had worked.


Shen tended her garden and paid her bills, then headed off to City Hall to register as a self-employed gardener. She had to have some kind of income coming in.


Focusing on Shenandoah’s twin, Shenay:


Shenay was at Verde Park, when she noticed a little Japanese girl talking to two ghosts, who looked like they were probably her parents.



The next thing Shenay knew, the woman ghost was coming toward her and wanted to talk to her. “I know you don’t know me, but I have a huge favor to ask of you”, the orange ghost said. “My name’s Shino Ooyama, and that’s my husband, Goro, and our daughter Kayoko over there”, she introduced herself and her family.

“ My name’s Shenay Beckman, nice to meet you”, Shenay responded.

“My husband and I have been dead for two years now, and it’s time we go to the Netherworld for good, and not return. We were hit by a meteor shower. We’ve just never been able to find someone to take Kayoko, so she won’t have to live in the orphanage. I was wondering if you would do this for us. We want our little girl to move on with her life, and enjoy being a teenager, when it comes that time. We have been talking this over with Kayoko for the past year. She understands wholeheartedly that we will always love her, but that we must go.”, explained Shino.

“I am most definitely not the motherly type, but my twin sister is taking on the 100 Baby Challenge, and adores children. I am most confident that she will welcome Kayoko into her arms, with all the love a person can offer. Shenandoah has always been the motherly type, and will make sure Kayoko leads a good life. I am sorry that you two won’t see her grow up though”, Shenay answered the woman who was willing to do anything to make sure her child was cared for.



Goro explained to little Kayoko that they would always be in their hearts, and she in theirs. Shino thanked Shenay, and gave her a hug. “Thank you so much for this, we are eternally grateful!”.

“You are beyond welcome”, Shenay responded.




Little Kayoko hugged her parents goodbye, and watched them leave. It would be the last time she would see them, except when she would go to visit them at the cemetery, sometime in the near future. Right now, her parents asked one thing of her, and that was to only worry about doing good in school. They didn’t want for her to be miserable for the rest of her life. They wanted her to live life to the fullest, so she promised them that she would.


Kayoko’s parents went onto the cemetery, and returned to the Netherworld, for good.

Focusing back on Shenandoah:


Confirmation of Shen’s pregnancy took place, at the same moment Shenay was agreeing to make sure Kayoko had a home.


Shen walked outside to check on her garden, and her phone rang. It was Shenay…she explained everything to Shenandoah. Shenandoah was thrilled to be adopting a child right away. Although, she thought the baby she was carrying would be her first child, she had no problem with he or she being the second. She would not turn a way a helpless child.


Shen was waiting outside when Shenay and Kayoko’s taxi pulled up. As soon as Kayoko stepped out of the car, she ran to Shen and gave her a hug. “Thank you for being my new mom. Mama and Daddy’s been telling me for a year now that I would be getting a new parent, or maybe two. It’s so nice to finally have one. I love my parents deeply, and will miss them terribly, but there was only so much my parents could do as ghosts, to help me through life”, exclaimed Kayoko.

“Oh, you’re very welcome sweet girl!”, Shen exclaimed.


“I have a gift for you. Why don’t you take it inside and see what it is, while I tell your Aunt Shenay goodbye, okay?”.

“Yes ma’am, thank you!”

“You’re very welcome sweetie!”

Shen had to sell a few personal things to purchase Kayoko’s gift, but she would never tell her that, and would never regret it.



While Shenandoah and Shenay were outside chatting and telling each other goodbye, Kayoko was reading on the tablet that Shen had given her as a welcoming gift.


“I have the news to share with you Kayoko, that will affect you and I both”, Shen told her new daughter, as she showed her the children’s room.



“I’m expecting a baby, and I plan on having a lot more babies after this one. That means you will be the older sister to a bunch of siblings. What do you think of that Kayoko?”, Shen asked.

"Really, you’re really going to have a baby! I’ve always wanted a baby sister or brother, now I’m going to get more than one. I never thought I could be this happy right away, but you have made me the happiest little girl that a Mama could make her daughter!”, exclaimed Kayoko.

After that response, Shen was sure Shenay had not only made the right decision, but had, for the first time that she could remember, done something to benefit someone else, instead of herself. Shenay was a bit of a diva, but Shenandoah would never call her on it, unless it hurt someone else. Although, Shenay never did anything to help someone else, before this, she had never hurt no one, and Shen hoped it would remain that way.

That day, Kayoko Ooyama became Kayoko Ooyama Beckman.


Until next time, God Bless!



Hi everyone, I’m Shenandoah Beckman, but you can call me Shen! I was named after the band, Shenandoah.

My traits are Shy, Natural Cook, Neat, Green Thumb, and Family-Oriented. I am taking on the 100 Baby Challenge via Invetro.

*Note From Author: Shenandoah’s “Invetro” is actually the pollinate option in the Nraas Master Controller mod.

Along with my twin sis, Sheyda (who you will probably see a good bit), I live in Starlight Shores. I’m not entirely sure exactly how long we will stay here though, because I think the country would be a far better place to raise 100 children. My only problem with that though, is that Sheyda wants to stay, and I just can’t bare to part from her right now. We’re 18 years old, and we just lost our parents to a car accident, a little over a month ago. I believe that’s why my sis can’t bring herself to leave yet, and I can’t blame her. The tragedy is exactly what made me make the decision to be a Challenge Mother. I have so much love to give, plus, our mother could never have anymore children after us, although she wanted a houseful. So, I guess, I’m not only doing this for me, but in honor of our her.

Well, I guess I’ll say goodbye for now…you should soon be seeing my very first baby. God Bless!

*Note from author: I’m not one to ask to have stuff given to them, but if you wish to help Shenandoah out with her journey to 100 babies, here is my wishlist:

Please don’t feel you have to though, only if you want to. I won’t love you any less, I promise 🙂

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